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Sir Robert Cecil, Secretary of State

Cecil is only a secretary. But he will soon be Secretary of State. He is, after all, managing the State’s work along with most of his father’s Treasury without complaint. Second born sons bred and groomed for her Majesty’s service, do not break lances or dance merry jigs. Modern societies are not governed at the tilt barrier but behind desks. Plans are made quietly. Logically. Cleverly. If one plan fails, make a better one. 
Essex should have gone to the Tower after the Queen found the Persons book. Instead, Essex sits to the Queen’s right, the Queen’s glove firmly attached to his white doublet with a diamond-crusted pin. To the left of the Queen sits Ralegh, his arms crossed in a surly manner, no doubt jealous of Essex taking centre stage in all of the Queen’s Accession Day festivities. Ralegh has a loud voice when he drinks and he has been drinking most of the day. Most importantly, Ralegh has possession of the Queen’s left ear.

Excerpt: Cecil: Welcome
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